Mom Reaches Out To Those Who Saved Her Son’s Life Ten Years Later

February 20, 2017

Sometimes, only in tragedy do lives intersect. Through one painful incident one woman found an unknown strength when her life crossed paths with many,  and she pushed forward. Years later, she discovered how much these relationships meant and found more beauty and strength in her gratefulness, manifest in two simple but powerful words: “Thank you.”

This is Kellie Haddock’s story and journey of moving forward, of finding good in what seems to be an impossible place. Watch as she uplifts those that shared a day with her that they will all remember for the rest of their lives. Watch as these two words transform everybody involved, even ten years after the accident.

Never underestimate the impact that saying “Thank You” will have on someone. Your thank you may just be the only one that they receive that day, that month, that year. Learn from Kellie. If you appreciate or value somebody in your life, never miss that opportunity to let them know.

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