Five Fifth Grade Boys Unite and Take a Stand Against Bullying

February 20, 2017

Today’s youth face a lot of challenges. One of the biggest of them is being bullied. For one 5th grade student, being bullied actually changed his life for the better.

This improvement didn’t just happen on its own. It took the hearts and good spirits of five kind young men who decided they were going to take a stance. Here you see Jack, Jake, Gus, Landon, and Tyler explain why they decided to start looking out for James, forming an incredible bond among the six boys in the process.

It is heartwarming to see our youth uniting for a greater cause.   To the young men that make up the “James Gang,” we here at Hooray Cafe would like to personally thank you! You stood up to the bullies, and have set an example for all kids in your situation. Rather than taking the easy way out by joining or ignoring the bullies, you chose to beat them and redefine the standard of our youth.

Keep up the good work!


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