Dang Good Daddy Daughter Dance: Male Role Models Illustrate Respect

February 17, 2017

Redmond Oregon Daddy Daughter DanceRedmond, Oregon, is a friendly town, a mix of ranchers, hippies, blue collar professionals and white collar workers. It is a small, down to earth community with a common thread seems to dominate: it is a place of strong family ties.

This may explain why each year the Redmond Rotary Daddy Daughter dance sells out. Usually held in February, dozens of dads and daughters while away the night cutting the rug and swigging punch, although sometimes the chocolate fountain and cotton candy machines are the most popular spots in the dance hall.

This year was no exception. As girls from four to fourteen danced with friends and their dad, big brother, uncle, or grandpa it was apparent that all who gathered loved their company. Ultimately, this event is a showcase for Redmond as important male figures show girls how men should treat women. Just ask Dads about what matters most this night and most will tell you that it is a fun way to show their daughter that they should be treated with respect and kindness.


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