Unity, Love, And The Dismissal Of Fear

February 12, 2017

It’s no surprise that our country is divided, and distressed, more now than ever. Mainstream media has had control of the puppet strings for some time, playing a significant role in this crippling division. They have also become the key source, and reminder, of just how severe this division and dismay has gotten. Whether they are focusing on politics, race, religion or gender, they are instilling fear within the masses, constantly and intentionally. Period.

Fear leads to anxiety, anger, sadness, bitterness, sickness and eventually division. So, how do we rid ourselves of this fear-with all of it’s spoiled and rotten fruit-that mainstream media has strategically blinded America with?

In order to answer that question, we must first answer this very important question.

What is the opposite of fear?

The answer, and solution, is love. Unconditional, undenying and unquestionable love.

Love is the direct opposite of fear and harbors all of the attributes that fear knows nothing of. Love speaks to the heart and soul; love is understood and sought worldwide. It bears forth fruits of hope, joy, kindness, gratitude, acceptance, and unity.

In order to unite our country again, and close this large divisional gap, we must turn off this man-made fear that has paralyzed humanity, allowing the masses to become stagnant in every aspect. We must also, in addition,  tune out and turn off the sources that inflict this fear upon us; repetitively, and in toxic doses.

We must learn to love again, universally and unconditionally. Learn to feel and evoke genuine and unequivocal love for one another. We must not love others just for the attributes in which we share, we must also embrace and love the differences that make us all unique, and perfectly imperfect in our own way.

Betty White briefly speaks on this topic in an interview she gave with Katie Couric. Betty is someone that has always looked at the lighter side of life, and it shows. She speaks from the heart and from a place of hope and positivity. What she has to say seems so simple, yet so many continue to struggle in letting this negativity go. It seems to have become a daily battle for many to find the positivity and all that is good in this world.

To some this may be a startling and scary concept, considering it is right there, right in front of our faces. We must focus on what we love and cherish, not on what we hate. In doing so, we will rise above this division again, we will unite and become stronger than ever. As Betty states,”We have got to stay positive and just get through it; one foot in front of the other, and get through it.”

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