The Jared Box Project

February 10, 2017

In an effort to spread joy and lift the spirits of children in hospitals battling terminal illnesses, The Jared Box Project has brought love and joy to over 200,000 children since it was founded in 2001.

Its start-up was in honor of a brave young man, named Jared, that battled cancer at the young age of just five years old. Jared’s mother Ruth explained the inspiration behind the idea:

“Think of one of your happiest childhood moments. Chances are it involved play – whether it was a favorite vacation, special toy, or time spent with family and friends. A Jared Box is the gift of play to children in the hospital. Play is important, and a life-threatening illness shouldn’t interfere with the need to play.”

“Playing UNO is a favorite memory for my family. We can hear Jared’s backward laugh, remember him laughing so hard he wet his pants and how he threatened that anyone who cheated had to clean the toilets! Jared was adamant about playing fair. Unfortunately, Cancer doesn’t play fair. However, with your help, the efforts of the Jared Box Project will continue to give ill children the gift of play, well wishes, hope and love.”

So, what exactly is The Jared Box Project? It’s an easy and simple concept that all ages can enjoy, and contribute to. It’s a great project for schools, churches, boys and girls clubs, and just those at home that want to reach out and make a difference. It is a concept that is seemingly so simple, but truly means so much to those that receive it.

Below you’ll find out exactly how to get started, and how you and members of your community can make a big difference in a child’s life. Also, find more information about how you can help in other ways, by visiting The Jared Box Project online. Now, let’s get started with your first Jared Box!

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