Do You Know?

February 8, 2017

We as a country, are in desperate need of unification as is humanity in general. The includes well beyond our borders. We have slowly and surely lost our footing, and need to become firmly planted, with our feet and our hearts, through grace and understanding.

We need to find a firm grip in becoming welcoming, not opposing, to differences of opinions and perspectives. How we perceive a situation has the power to change the situation. Notice that this does not change the actual situation, rather just how WE perceive it.

Let us open our minds, and eyes, to the fact that we may all have a different answer to the same question. That, in itself,  is what makes the human race so beautiful. It’s somewhat baffling, and ironic as well, that we as humans seek out rare items and consider them more valuable than something that has been mass produced. Consider our quest for  a ‘one of a kind’ antique coin or a rare piece of art. We even enjoy a field of flowers and watching snowflakes fall, as no two are the same. Yet, we look down upon other people simply for being different? Why do we not find this same value, in the rarity of our fellow man, that we do in material objects?

How many of us are able to see past our own viewpoints and opinions?

How many of us are able to accept the many differences among our fellow men and women?

How many know how to love because of these differences, as opposed to hating them, due to fear?

How many know how to love, truly and unconditionally?

How many have been loved unconditionally and truly? Do you know? More importantly, do you care to know?

While watching the following video, really ask yourself the questions that are being addressed in this ‘We The People’ Campaign. It goes so much further and deeper than what is on the political surface. It digs into our subconscious, in an attempt to show us understanding and acceptance. It is a movement to reveal to us that this isn’t about me or you at all, but rather WE as a whole, united.

“So, do you know?”

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