The Cuddle Mattress

February 3, 2017

This next story hits close to home, and with Valentines Day right around the corner, this invention could potentially be the gift that tops them all.

A Portland industrial designer and his new wife—along with millions of couples around the world—wished they could continue cuddling deep into the night without their arms falling asleep. They were not and are not alone. When Googled, there are more than 2 million hits explaining and offering solutions to this age-old problem. And there’s actually a scientific name for it—radial neuropathy, otherwise known as “honeymoon palsy.”

The best solution to this age-old problem seems to have come from Mehdi Mojtabavi, with his invention of a mattress that has grooves like a record, to make it possible to slip your arm beneath your sweetheart, yet not lose circulation to the limb. The design is also perfect for those who want to sleep on their side, but have trouble finding a comfortable position for their shoulder.  After winning a prestigious Red Dot Award for exceptional product design in 2007, the manufacturing of the mattress finally began. Assembled by hand in a Portland warehouse, the first limited batch of 50 Cuddle Mattresses sold out immediately.

Source: Good News Network
May 15, 2014


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