Cushions, Chocolate, And A Cause

February 3, 2017

Homelessness has become something that many see as a choice of those without a home to go to each day. Homeless people are often viewed as the reason for their homelessness, for letting their life get to that point. Although this may be true for some, for the majority of those living on the streets it was simply a string of bad luck that just keeps getting worse.

Can you imagine not knowing where your next meal is going to come from? Or, where you are going to sleep tonight. How about not knowing if you could possibly survive another below-freezing-day in the elements. If that isn’t bad enough, imagine that the one, somewhat safe, and warm place that you have found to take refuge in now has spikes installed in the ground, so that you are no longer permitted to have a seat out of the rain.

One woman felt that this was going too far. Rather than just talk about it, she and her two sons took action. Her tools and weapons of choice? Cushions and chocolate. Read the full story below, and always remember, it just takes one person to say enough, and change the lives of many.

Family Fights Anti-homeless Spikes with Cushions and Chocolate

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