Back On My Feet

February 3, 2017

1,200 people have found housing; 2,300 people have found jobs; 6,000 people have found purpose and transformation – and it’s all because of running. Wow! These are some numbers that will make you smile.  It definitely beats seeing how high the unemployment rates have risen or our country’s deficit level, that’s for sure.

So how is all this possible? How has running made this happen? Through a nonprofit organization by the name of Back On My Feet that has made it their priority to assist the homeless in getting back on their feet, and turning their lives around, in addition to increasing community engagement. That is a win-win scenario, hands down and feet up and running.

Twelve major cities have taken on this volunteer-run program, which includes recruiting homeless citizens from within homeless residential facilities. It is a month long commitment that includes participation thee days a week between the hours of 5:30 to 6:30 am in a group run. If they are able to stay committed for the entire month, with at least a 90% attendance rate, then they move onto the second phase of this program, which just keeps getting better.

The second phase includes job training programs, educational support, employment referrals, and resources for housing. Since this program was first founded in 2007, 80% of participants have moved onto this very beneficial second phase. Which goes to show that many do want help themselves; they simply just do not have the resources available to them.

Thanks to Back On My Feet’s amazing program, over 6,000 members have obtained jobs, homes, and received their GEDs. In addition, 90% of those members have maintained their employment, 20% of those have since received a promotion, and 60% have received a raise.

Executive Director Terrence Gerchberg says “There’s obviously need across America for the work that we do, but we want to grow in an organic way. There is no simple solution; it’s like a marathon. You set some goals and you get to a finish line and that’s what we’re doing on a larger scale. People sign up for it because they want to see some kind of transformation. The act of running gives them that feeling of accomplishment.”

Via: Good News Network
McKinley Corbley
February 3, 2017
Video Source: Youtube

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