C=EMC²: A Fundraiser to Build a Better Community

January 5, 2017

On May 4, join Ken Streater, Jon Bullock and Naomi Wachira for an evening of fundraising, inspiration, and formulas for building a better community.

C=EMC²: Community=Education, Music, Commerce and Culture.

C=EMC2 is a formula and a live event designed to inspire community growth. It is an evening of conversation and shared ideas to build better places. This small group event combines renowned educators, business visionaries, musical geniuses and inspiring multi-media presentations to powerfully illustrate how significant positive change is easily within your community’s reach. Simply put, we help you to design a plan to lift your town, organization, or movement.

These variables create the formula to empower any entity to thrive. Embedding these variables into your community ensures growth. While defining growth may vary by community, one constant always remains: uplifting everyone. We provide a stirring presentation to leave you with the sentiment and a template to make your community better.

Streater, Bullock, and Wachira will present ideas and music about changing the way we educate our children, enhance the arts as a cornerstone to connectivity, and practice commerce more friendly in order to build better places for all.

This fundraiser is for the benefit of Central Oregon’s Treehouse Therapies.  For more information and to purchase tickets please call Ken Streater at 541-325-2027.

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